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The phones are ringing off the hook. If we have not talked with you already, the way for you to change your ticket day is to re-book the day you want online as you did the first time and then request a refund via email for the day you are not going to use.

Reminder: it is still fun to enjoy the corn maze and the u-pick even when the fall weather brings overcast and rainy conditions. During this time of year, farmers are out harvesting apples all day – rain or shine – so you can get a little taste of what farming is like! Wearing warm clothes and rain gear is advised.

If you would like a refund please email We look forward to seeing you on the farm, rain or shine!

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If your checkout process seems to get stuck, please be careful not to place another order. When we are experiencing high network traffic, it may appear that your order was not placed. If you are moved to an empty red bar at the top of your checkout page, your order has been placed. Please be patient and wait for your email confirmation. We are working on a solution.


Please remember the COVID-19 safety restrictions. Do not visit the farm if you:

  • have been referred by 811 for COVID-19 testing
  • are waiting for your COVID-19 test results
  • have tested positive for COVID-19
  • have been told by Public Health that you may have been exposed and need to self-isolate, even if you have tested negative for COVID-19
  • have travelled outside Atlantic Canada and are returning to or entering Nova Scotia, even if you don't have symptoms